Pets First Pet Premium Training Pads for Dogs and Cats – Best Ever, 2018 Version

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View more great items Pets First went the extra step to make these pads worry-free & hassle-free for pet owners. They made it easy to train your pet by researching & investing to make these premium pads “THE WORLD’S BEST & MOST ABSORBENT TRAINING PADS”! Also available in Standard Size Pads, 50 count, 75 count & 100 count. While these pads are EXTRA SOFT & ANTIBACTERIAL, they also contain: powerful pheromone attractant & odor neutralizer that will encourage your pet to eliminate only on the pad. It has a thick layer of SAP to instantly dry liquids and a tear resistant PE film backing that will help to keep your floors new. Whether you are using these inside your home or when traveling these pads will accommodate any situation! Its 6 layers of specially designed “liquid flow-through system” and a super absorbent core technology help seal sides that won’t allow liquids to leak out. PETS FIRST PREMIUM TRAINING PADS are 200% more absorbent than the competing brands, with quick drying surface & the ability to hold up to 6 cups of liquid. They are designed to make housebreaking training easy for any size pet! EXTREME PROTECTION: 6-Layer construction with NEW 2016 ADVANCED POLYMER TECHNOLOGY that makes these “THE MOST ABSORBENT TRAINING PADS” on the market that will draw in wetness without leaving a messy floor! Contains a powerful built-in PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT & ODOR NEUTRALIZER to accelerate dog house training & eliminate urine odors. These JUMBO pads are 102% larger than standard pads (27.6 x 35.4″)! The only pads that stay put & dry top to bottom! With a colored waterproof polyethylene plastic backing that stops seep-through & moisture. So no need to wash your floor after picking up the pad! Ideal for travel too! Top layer is designed with instant dry technology that turns liquid into gel and has new EXTRA SOFT & ANTIBACTERIAL materials that won’t irritate your pet. Your pet will enjoy to get back on it as many times as needed throughout the training process! [xsellxgallery2] Train with this Sports Inspired Treats and Toys! MLB Dog Treats, Delicious Baseball Shaped Cookies. Dog Rewards. 8 Baseball TeamsUS $6.29 Pets First NBA DOG TREATS. Delicious Basketball Shaped Cookies for Dogs & Cats.US $12.59 NFL Dog Treats, Delicious Football Shaped Cookies Dog Rewards NATURAL Dental PetUS $12.59 MLB Baseball Field Toy for DOGS/CATS. Heavy-Duty, Durable pet toys with SqueakerUS $13.49 NCAA Star Disk PET Toy – Dog Rope Fly Toy – Licensed Flying toys with Squeakers!US $8.09 NCAA Mascot Dog Toy. Licensed, Durable Plush, with 5 SQUEAKERS. BEST PET FAN TOYUS $13.49 NHL Hockey Stick Toy for Dogs & Cats – Heavy-Duty, Durable Dog Toy with SqueakerUS $13.49 NCAA DOG TOY – Licensed Tube Toys available in 40+ COLLEGE Teams Squeaky & PlushUS $13.49 Pets First Company is an established well-known company in the sports-licensed pet product industry. Pets First’s team of unique and creative designers choose the highest quality materials and the latest technology to provide you with a durable, fashionable, comfortable and outstanding item. We follow the highest standards of safety guidelines. Pets First has gained its reputation to provide every pet owner with magnificent licensed pet products; from unique and colorful apparel items to fun and playful toys and accessories.

  • Brand: Pets First
  • Type: Training Pad
  • Features: Most Absorbent

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