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Domestic Cats and Feral Cats – The History of Cats

Domestic Cats and Feral Cats have been around a while. Learn about the History of Feral Cats, or Wild Cats, and when Domestic Cats came to be. The first appearance of the domesticated cat according to original reports goes back as far as 8,000 years ago. According to findings, during that era, bones of mice, humans and cats were buried mutually on the isle of Cyprus. Apparently, people then brought together with them the mice, which were unwanted, and the cats to Cyprus. Domestication Of Cats: Agriculture […]

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Toilet Training a Cat – A Pros Cons Guide

Cat toilet training in easy steps: Toilet training your cat is an easier task than you might think. Several techniques can be used for training your cat to use the toilet, and you can even buy products that will assist you in toilet training a cat. The advantages of cat toilet training: Teaching your cat to use the toilet can hold several advantages for any cat owner. The biggest advantage of having your cat use a toilet is that eliminates most of the disadvantages that using cat […]

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